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     De Vliet, 2001

Therefore, we had to make a restoration-plan white out pecific historic details. First step was to record al details en make a list of items that where working properly and could be re-used. Second step, we made a rebuilding plan. This first rebuilding plan was based on a tug-like appearance. We had drawings made and all. We where not very happy with the results. Bad parts in the deck forced us to make a decision and go on. In January 2003, we started taking the boat apart. During the break up, we took many photographs. This way we could make sure not to lose the historic details.


Under the steel deck we found a wooden deck. Beneath the wooden deck there was another steel deck. We knew that in the rear of the ship there was still the old flat tail-end under the round tug-tail. During the break up, we could see the real shape of the old hull for the first time. Further more we found details like the riveted chainplates and the rivets in the plating under the waterline. These rivets are to close up the old fish-well. The shape, the proportion and fullness of the hull do not mach the normal tug dimensions.


All and all we concluded that our ship had been a fishing-vessel: a sailing fishing cutter of approximately 41,50 feet long and 13,78 feet over the beam. At that moment, we decided to restore her as a sailing vessel again, as she must have been circa 100 years a go.

So we made new plans and drawings. At this stage, we could see her altering from the ugly duck into a swan like in the fairytale.

To make it also a comfortable and useful ship we decided fit her whit a deck housing.





      Breehorn, 1977








       Design cutter De Vliet 2002

2. List of (pervious) owners









Henny  OB 66

Martin Deharde Brake, Unterweser, Duitsland


11,0 x 4,4 x x1,5 m - 25 PS

Werf Heinrich Brand, Oldenburg Duitsland.             bouwnummer 27           Fischerei-Almanch 1921-1922

1926 Henny  Franz Habich, Borkum   Handbuch 1926


1927 Henny Domanenrentamt Norden   Handbuch 1927


1933 Henny Domanenrentamt Norden Staatsfarhzeug Handbuch 1933




Domanenrentamt Norden


Deutz type SOMZ 122, 2 cil, 36/40 pk,               no. 327445/46

Handbuch 1936

1952 Henny Domanenrent- und Bauamt, Norden   Handbuch 1952




W. Vos, Groningen

Deutz type SOMZ 122, 2 cil, 36/40 pk,                  no. 327445/46 (bj1936)                                12,62 x 4,45 x 1,15 (0,41)meter, 6,293 ton


Meetbrief G8367N,          N2971B.Gron





H. G. Vos, Groningen

sleepboothek aangebracht.  Lengte oa was 12,62m,        na verlenging: 13,15m 

Deutz, F6M517, 120 pk






Mr. W. van Meer, Harderwijk


Mercedes Benz, 6 cil, 225pk, No. 750042






mr. W. van Meer, Harderwijk


Meetbrief R23050N




F. Duiker, Beverwijk


Daimler Benz, type 67/8, 4 cil, 140 pk, no. 70813




J.G. Voorbij,  Beverwijk,






A.J.J. Sterk, Muiden






T.G.W. Groeneveld, Aalstmeer

13,15 x 4,42x x 1,16 meter, 10,563 ton


Meetbrief A24784N        N7883 B. Amst 1978



A. Schulz Le Févre, Dronten





Ribbemoos II  

H. Godefrooi, Rijpwetering





Ribbemoos II 

M.B. Leeuwerke, Oud Alblas


Daf DH 825A, 6 cil, 132 pk, no. D43047



De Vliet

Berdie en Corrie de Ruiter, Rheden





De Vliet

Berdie en Corrie de Ruiter, Rheden


Sleepboothek er weer af in 2002                                    De lengte is nu 12,65m.




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Why a website about De Vliet?

Like many owners of old ships we where not only interested in the boat it self. We where also curious about the history of our boat.

Where had she spent her working life?

And who sailed with her?

When we bought the boat the previous owner, family Leeuwerke, told us the history, as they knew it. However, when we encountered more people who had owned the ship before their stories seemed to be different and where not fitting in to a complete story.

One goal of this website is to put all facts into perspective. On the other hand, we wanted to restore the hull whit respect for the history and as close to the original as we could get her.

Back until 1953, we could trace the previous owners. Before this date we do not have any documents to confirm the stories we where told.

We placed articles in all the leading boat-magazines for water-sport en for professional boating in Holland. We got track of all the owners of the period to 1963. Before 1953, the different story's told us that the government owned her from the W.W.II on. This period and the period before W.W.II is still vague. We are not even certain if she was build in the Netherlands. Same tales tell us that the boat came from Germany, during W.W.II. The appearance did not altered very much between 1960 and 2002